beijing subway

welcome to take beijing subway on your next trip.Have a nice day!

welcome to subway line2 .The next station is XXX,please get ready for your arrival and get on in order.

the train to XXX is arriving . XXX is a transfer station.Passengers for line 10 please get off the train.

the next station is DAGUANYING .Please get ready for your arrival.

the train is bound for HAIDIANWULUJU

beijing west railway station

we are arriving at beijing west railway station ,the terminal of the train.all the passengers please get off and make sure that you have all your belongings with you. thank you for taking beijing are welcomed to take this line on your next trip.have a nice day.

the door on the left side will be used.please keep clear of the door.

the train bound for JIAOHUACHANG station is arriving.please keep clear of the screen door.

next station xidan.interchange station for line 1

please be ready to exit ,as the platform is very busy.

the train is arriving ,please mind the gap between the train and the platform,this train stops service at anheqiao north station.

passengers to stations from XIGONG to TIANGONGYUAN ,please wait for the next train.

please off your seat to anyone in need,thank you.

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